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Review on Alteria Capital by Joseph Okedeji

Alteria Capital: A Venture Capital Firm Focused On Developing Innovative Startup Ventures.

Alteria Capital is India's leading firm in venture debt which is solely focused on innovations. Venture debts are simply the alternative form of financing for startup ventures.
Before I talk about the services Alteria Capital offers, i must first mention and commend the design and layout of its official website, as it's quite an attractive one. This is because for customers and clients with the intention of patronizing their services, the first thing they will check out is the website and being an attractive one, they're sure to be impressed.
Alteria Capital offers services such as different types of venture capital (Venture debt, Structured Finance), this also includes offering long term debt capital to business ventures, this simply means that they provide capitals to funding the development and growth of business ventures at any stage, whether they're early or late stage ventures.
They also help in the activation of startup ventures and businesses, corporations and also service providers. Their activation process involves includes live mandates which involves applying for innovation mandates that are currently ongoing on the platform. The innovation mandates includes
• Consumer Brands
• Regulatory Tech
• Workflow Automation
• Energy Tech
• Agriculture Tech
These are the areas that Alteria Capital is focused on and aims to impact these areas through innovations.
The official website is very much available in order to learn more about what Alteria Capital does and the services it provides.

Pros & cons

  • Alteria Capital provides different types of venture capitals to both early stage ventures and late stage ventures.
  • They also offer long term debt capital to business ventures.
  • They offer live mandate process which allows applicants to apply for various sectors to contribute to innovatively.
  • I can't point out any flaw to Alteria Capital at the moment.