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Review on Dreamit Ventures by Jorge Hernández

helping companies scale to success

The companies that demand acceleration programs have in the market a wide range of capital companies willing to support their growth in different areas.

Dreamit is part of the ecosystem of capital companies that bet on the growth of the new organizations formed within its acceleration program.

Who benefits from the Dreamit boost plan?

Dreamit offers its financial support and advisory services to those new companies formed within its accelerator program for startups; who want to move to the next level of their development.

What is your acceleration program?

Dreamit advises emerging companies to enable them to develop market strategies for attracting investors and managing business relationships, through alliances with leading world organizations. This in order to obtain capital that encourages them to the maximum development of their potential.

What sectors benefit from your programs?

Dreamit divides the activities of its growth programs into three basic areas of the health sector:

- Prevention: Aimed at startups related to the development of medical supplies, medical and diagnostic equipment

-Personal care security: Includes emerging companies related to the development of physical security systems in care centers

-Real estate: Brings together companies related to real estate developments

What is the main attraction of Dreamit?

In addition to the valuable characteristics that this ecosystem possesses; One of Dreamit's most valuable premises concerns its willingness to admit startups to its program at any time; since their admission schedule is monthly; therefore companies have the opportunity to enter their training when they require it.

Pros & cons

  • Supports organizations capable of attracting investment and business
  • Facilitates commercial and public relations between its affiliates and a network of investors, corporations and tutors
  • Supports technological innovation in the health, safety and real estate sector
  • Admit companies to its growth program in any month
  • Provide financial support and advice to growing companies
  • It only admits companies formed within its program