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About Dreamit Ventures

Dreamit is an early-stage venture fund that accelerates startups building transformative tech products in the fields of healthcare, real estate, construction, cybersecurity, and physical security. Dreamit invests in startups with demonstrable traction that are looking to rapidly gain customers, initiate new partnerships and to raise additional capital. Startups participate in one of Dreamit's three industry verticals: Urbantech, Healthtech, or Securetech. Founders meet with dozens of potential customers and partners on multi-city Customer Sprints™, pitch leading venture firms during Investor Sprints™, receive hands-on coaching and gain access to a vast network of experienced alumni and advisors. Since its founding in 2008, Dreamit has accelerated over 320 startups, including LevelUp (acquired by GrubHub), Trendkite (acquired by Cision), SeatGeek, HouseParty (acquired by Epic Games), Adaptly (acquired by Accenture), Wellth, Biomeme, Tissue Analytics, Redox, Eko Devices, Raxar, Cylera and Elevate. Dreamit portfolio companies have raised over $800 million in follow-on funding and have a combined valuation of over $2 billion.

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My review about Dreamit Ventures

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about the Dreamit Venture company. Dreamit Venture was established in 2007 in the USA. It has 14 years of experience in its own industry. Although the company has branches in some locations other than…See full review

Dreamit ventures

Dreamit Ventures is an acceleration program for startup venture companies to get financial funding and mentoring program during its 14-week program which is subcategorized into different weeks of learning. Dreamit Ventures was founded in 2008 with…See full review


This program that was established in 2008 is a always ready to help the startup with the needed resources. It has successfully helps hundreds of Startups across variety of industries. it has make a good name for itself. Application is on line…See full review

Review on Dreamit Ventures By Umut Y.

There are a lot of acceleration companies that work on local plans that raise the level of the economy in the country based on them, but this Dreamit Ventures has achieved a high ranking that has made it a global acceleration company and this is…See full review

Dreamit Ventures....

Dreamit Ventures is an acceleration company with a good reputation in the global markets. Founded in 2007, it helps startups progress and develop and as a result positively impacts the global economy. Dreamit Ventures has provided its own website…See full review

Dream businesses. Investment firm.

Dreamit is a 14-year-old experienced company founded in 2007 in the United States. The company is also a start-up and venture capital program working with ready or expanded pilots. It focuses on initiatives that are building companies that are…See full review

helping companies scale to success

The companies that demand acceleration programs have in the market a wide range of capital companies willing to support their growth in different areas. Dreamit is part of the ecosystem of capital companies that bet on the growth of the new…See full review

Choose the area you want to get help with and enjoy winning and improving as soon as possible.

Dreamit Ventures is an entrepreneurship platform that includes and prepares projects and accelerators for the development and growth of companies that are neither growing nor shrinking in a certain area. It is an enterprise company that has a…See full review

A company that speeds up the digitalization process

Dreamit is a company that acts as a bridge to integrate today's companies into the internet environment. It is an operating company based in the USA. Dreamit has supported the establishment of many companies so far. Dreamit engineers / mentors…See full review

Dreamit Ventures: Another incubator with everything you need.

Another company of the important segment incubator accelerator incubator with some experience in the branch, founded in 2018 already adds many founded entrepreneurial companies that currently spend in capital as assets more than 1.5 billion dollars…See full review

Dreamit Ventures is an investment firm dedicated to providing seed capital to small businesses around the world.

This web-based company was founded by Avi Frister in order to provide high quality Internet technology investment with the focus on high impact, disruptive technology. The focus of this firm is to focus on technology innovation in the rapidly…See full review