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Review on Convergence Partners by Tolulope Emmanuel Medayenu

Review on Convergence Partner management firm by David Emmanuel

Convergence Partner is an Information Communication and Technology Investment Management firm that was founded in the Year 2006 by a group of ICT investors, these founding fathers are six in number which their focus is to build a telecommunication and media technology in the Africa community. Convergence Partner Investment Management firm was first launch in in South Africa they have over 38 number of investment in total and they have been active since 2006, Convergence Partner boast a good track of record in improving lives and development of new investment in Information Communication and Technology, they also create more job through the media technology, since the launching of Convergence Partner management firm live achieved so much in improving the media and technology sector in the whole of Africa, they are in partner with some major ICT companies around the continent.

Pros & cons

  • They help improve lives through technology
  • They are active and which new company can partner with them
  • Non