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About Convergence Partners

Convergence Partners, founded in 2006, is an investment management firm focused on the telecommunications, media and technology sector in Africa. Convergence Partners has a proven track record of developing new investment opportunities, as well as adding value to investments across the life cycle of ICT assets. As impact investors, Convergence Partners is dedicated to catalysing investment capital to accelerate communications access and ICT infrastructure development on the continent, focusing on initiatives that increase availability of communications, broadband services and new technology offerings to the people of Africa. Convergence Partners’ founders are seasoned pan-African private equity players, experienced in developing investments that deliver enhanced returns while underpinning continental development.

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Experienced pan-African private equity player

Hello, boys and girls. Here I wanna tell you about one of the main trends in the modern stage of development which connects with computers and consumer electronic devices. This is all convergence. First of all, I noted that the company Convergence...See full review

Convergence Partners thinking about tomorrow

Convergence Partners : has been founded in 2006 with the purpose of generating solid infrastructures and a variety of technological ideas, communication and other benefits for the African benefits for the African people, motivating the people...See full review

helping to sow technology in African villages

Communication systems facilitate the development of daily activities and promote the structural mechanism for the growth of the economy of any region of the world, especially of those peoples in a state of critical poverty, such as the African...See full review

Convergence Partners works to guarantee timely access to Telecommunications on the African continent.

With the rise of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), many businessmen and entrepreneurs have dedicated themselves to developing innovative projects or products in the area, however, many of them remain only on paper or in the...See full review

About Convergence Partners.

Speaking of Convergence Partners, founded in 2006, it's miles an funding control organization centered on Africa's telecommunications, media and era sectors. Convergence Partners has a demonstrated track file of developing new funding...See full review

About Convergence Partners.

First and foremost, Convergence Partners, which was founded in 2006 and is focused on Africa's TMT sector, aims to accelerate access to communications and ICT infrastructure, increase access to communications, various services and new access. It...See full review

Development reaching Africa and Middle East

Convergence Partners known as a pan-African private equity investor that is basically focused on the ICT sector in Africa. However, it has been proven that Convergence Partners have been successful in developing investment opportunities and also...See full review

Thank you Convergence Partners!

Unfortunately, charitable and beautiful institutions are few in number in our current world. One of the best of these is the company Convergence Partners. The company was created in 2006. It was founded on TMT and is a major investment firm. TMT-ye...See full review

Review on Convergence Partner management firm by David Emmanuel

Convergence Partner is an Information Communication and Technology Investment Management firm that was founded in the Year 2006 by a group of ICT investors, these founding fathers are six in number which their focus is to build a telecommunication...See full review