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Review on CyLon by Özgün A

Use the technologies of the future with confidence

CyLon supports initiatives developed for security problems processed on the Internet. This project is multi-purpose. Supports global entrepreneurs.

Today, all the processes of humanity have been transferred to the internet environment. We live in a world that is becoming digital with each passing day. The biggest problem of the digitalizing world is security. They both fund cyber security initiatives and provide mental support with mentors. CyLon company has three important features;

1) CyLon Scale: Provides support and funds to entrepreneurs who have initiatives on future technologies.

2) CyLon Spark: Provides cyber security procedures for future technologies.

3) CyLon Go: They provide support with special accelerator programs for entrepreneurs who have projects but cannot find support.

The CyLon project supports up to 150,000 euros. They work for you on the platforms required for the promotion of your project.

Generally; The CyLon project is looking for solutions to problems related to cyber security in the internet environment. They are already looking for solutions to future security problems.

Pros & cons

  • They are making attempts to use the digital technologies of the future safely
  • They are not limited by geography, they support entrepreneurs from all over the world
  • It is a platform that brings together large investors and entrepreneurs
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