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About CyLon

CyLon is the world's leading cyber security accelerator and seed investment programme.From defence to retail, telecoms to financial services, digital industries to health services, safeguarding information through rigorous and scalable cyber security has become central to a successful economy.CyLon’s programme offers entrepreneurs all the training necessary to build and grow a successful cyber security company.

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It is a global system that detects global companies that develop future security programs and incentivizes startups to give opportunities to entrepreneurs. The e-programs to develop their skills…See more

Use the technologies of the future with confidence

CyLon supports initiatives developed for security problems processed on the Internet. This project is multi-purpose. Supports global entrepreneurs. Today, all the processes of humanity have been…See more


One of the major problem facing mankind is how to secured the future and have full security because of news about insecurity is always on the news. I love this platform for helping the startup that…See more

It is a successful enterprise platform founded by 3 security experts.

CyLon supports and advises companies that are working on future security technologies and provide them with information on what they need to do. The fact that the world has become digital is…See more

CyLon Investment And Accelerator Aim to Build or Launch a Cyber Security Business

CyLon is a cyber security accelerator and seed investment Platform created in 2015, with the aim to find and create the security technologies of future. Cylon Platform base on cloud Security, cyber…See more

My review about CyLon

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about CyLon. CyLon is an accelerator, incubator and venture capital fund founded in 2015. Although he has 6 years of experience, he has achieved more…See more

Review by harun can on CyLon.

The company is her job to find and develop security for the future. The company is her job to find and develop security for the future. It supports modern businesses and entrepreneurs to create a…See more

CyLon is the strongest one in the world.

CyLon is a company whose mission is to develop security in the future and enlarge it works and works to support companies and entrepreneurs to build the business and economy in the future and grow…See more

CyLon is everywhere.

CyLon supports the future digital economy by building and developing security technologies and a successful economy, and seeks to develop and accelerate startups in a guaranteed manner. It contains…See more


If you're interested in cybersecurity and have goals in the future, such as growing your business and building a company, Cylon is for you. Cylon was founded in 2015 and has supported and…See more