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Review on CyLon by Hasan Abbasli

My review about CyLon

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about CyLon. CyLon is an accelerator, incubator and venture capital fund founded in 2015. Although he has 6 years of experience, he has achieved more success in these 6 years than many companies. The main goal of this company is to find suitable entrepreneurs for future technologies, and to accelerate and support them. In fact, I think investing in the technology of the future is an excellent strategy, because people's interest in technology increases as time passes.

CyLon has a 3-step strategy for customers, we can see how successful this strategy is from the companies it has accelerated. CyLon has so far helped scale more than 100 companies and generated more than 600 million euros in revenue, which I think is a huge and perfect demonstrator for a 6-year-old company. In addition, the company accelerated more than 200 entrepreneurial companies in 6 years.

CyLon serves people in more than 35 countries and the number of countries it operates in is growing. Official site available. The site is perfectly created and contains enough information about the company. In addition, this site includes the feedbacks of CyLon accelerated companies about CyLon. In short, CyLon is doing very well for now and its future looks very bright. That's all for now, thanks for reading my review. 

Pros & cons

  • Although it has little experience of 6 years, it has accomplished more business than some companies in 6 years.
  • He is taking a big risk by investing in the technology of the future and I think this is a great strategy.
  • Working with customers from more than 35 countries and growing rapidly globally
  • The official site is excellent, and the site includes feedback from successful CyLon-backed companies.
  • I think there is nothing wrong