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Review on Threshold by francis fernandez

Threshold: generate income from marketing affiliations

Digital advertising gives companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote their products and services safely and without barriers. For this reason, many affiliate ad programs have emerged today. One of them is Threshold.
Threshold is a payment policy that consists in setting a base amount to the beneficiaries of an affiliate program in order to access to receive their reward in said program.
What elements are considered in this payment system?
Two main elements are taken into account:
• The frequency with which the reward is delivered to the beneficiary of the program
• The base or minimum amount
Is this payment policy favorable for the beneficiary of the program?
There are favorable and unfavorable elements in this regard.
First, it is presumed that setting a minimum fee is a way of guaranteeing the payment of the reward by the contractor; which is favorable for the beneficiary. Therein lies the security of compliance with this payment commitment.
Second, it implies the possibility of delays in payment to the beneficiary; if he does not manage to meet the minimum quota set before reaching the date established in the contract for receiving the reward (weekly, monthly, etc.). This may not be convenient for some beneficiaries, however, the beneficiary will receive their payment by meeting the requirement established as a minimum base. This would be avoided if the payments were not programmed in the established agreement.
For the companies; This platform is a valuable mechanism for promoting your internet activity on a global level; since it allows them to reach many users and opens ways to expand their sales.
We can conclude that it is up to the beneficiary to see if this payment mechanism suits him; because despite everything, you still have the possibility of accessing a regular and reliable source of income.

Pros & cons

  • Allows affiliates to access their income easily
  • The base amount required is low
  • It is a mechanism that ensures payment to affiliates
  • Limit free access to your income to beneficiaries of marketing affiliations