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Review on Tonton Wireless Security Camera System With Floodlight And 2-Way Audio, 4CH NVR And 7" Touchscreen Monitor by Khalil Hopp

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Great features if you can figure them out - Additional Information

I have been using the Tonton 4-camera, wireless security system with the 7" portable monitor for over a month now. Overall, if you are savvy with technology, read the 180 questions/answers above, review the amazon.com listing page and read the included setup sheets you can make good use of the system. If you are a technophobe or just not familiar with computer software systems.find a savvy friend or a different system.I rated the system 5 stars since I fit all of the above criteria and have configured the system and placed the cameras to get what I want. I am set up for IR at night, color during the day. The video is good enough to recognize people passing by on the street but don't expect to be able to read license plates.I like the overall video quality for my purposes and am particularly impressed with the night-vision, IR feature. It is about as good as daylight color, just in black and white. I wish the sensitivity was a bit lower as I pick up almost every vehicle and cat that pass by my home. I did the selective blocking of grid areas and it helps with vehicles, but one cannot block out feral cats without compromising the security (human intruders).As for the 32GB micro SD card, you can upgrade to 128GB max but the 32GB SD card took over a month to fill up and start rewriting (with four cameras). The competing systems with 1-3TB hard drives are overkill in my opinion. Also, the reliability of solid state is far superior to a spinning ultra thin disk. Even if the micro SD card fails, you can get a 128GB replacement card for under $20.The portability of the monitor/controller is nice. The included Li-ion batteries allow 1-1.5 hours before the unit needs to be plugged into a 120 VAC outlet. If you desire longer life, you can buy batteries with more amp-hours right here on amazon.com.One last thought.if you are mounting the cameras away from outlets, you are going to need outlets within 6 feet of the cameras or purchase appropriate power jumper cables. Tonton as well as other vendors sell cables ranging from a couple of feet to 10 meters (33 feet). I needed jumpers for all four cameras.NEW INFORMATION: A severe thunderstorm fried the 7" monitor/controller (price refunded by the Asurion protection plan) so I purchased the two-camera system to replace it as the four original cameras were likely okay.I paired each camera to the new controller and the system worked as well as the last one. The Tonton customer service group did a good job of sending me links to the Tonton website with instructional videos. They also promptly followed up on my one question about the new controller/monitor.In my opinion, anyone purchasing a Tonton multi-camera security system should purchase the Asurion protection plan and take advantage of their customer service support if there are setup or use questions. I am impressed by the continued support of the Tonton support team.

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  • Smart PIR Activated Floodlight
  • The wires and cables of the Tonton Wireless Security Camera System can be unsightly and attract attention from potential burglars

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