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Review on Tonton Wireless Security Camera System With Floodlight And 2-Way Audio, 4CH NVR And 7" Touchscreen Monitor by Kevin Hernandez

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Fantastic Product. Great Price!

I have owned several different brands of wireless security camera systems very similar to this one, that is they had two cameras and a portable monitor. No question, the Tonton is the best. Highly recommended!Over the years, as new features became available, such as night vision, Internet connectivity and higher resolution, I would upgrade my system. My last system was 720p and triggered on every movement, and I mean even bugs flying in front of the camera. The night vision was so poor that it was basically useless. Then the internal battery pack, which was not user serviceable, started bulging and cracking the plastic on the back of the monitor. This gave me a good reason to purchase the Tonton system and am I ever happy that I did.The Tonton gives me every option that I ever wanted with one exception. I would like to be able to turn off the Infrared LEDs at times, but I don't think there is any system that will do that. The build quality is very good all around, and I was especially impressed with the camera mounts. they are beefy and solid. By far the best mounts that I have ever seen on these types of cameras. Image quality is stunning, both day and night. On my old system, I could barely recognize myself at night. There would have been no way to identify a stranger. The Tonton has very good night vision. The batteries on the Tonton are common 18650 which are user replaceable. That's a big plus to me, but you don't even need the batteries unless you want to run the monitor in a portable mode. I cannot speak to long term performance because I have only had it for a few days. I did need some tech support (to find a setting in the menu) and they were very responsive.The cameras auto-synced right out of the box and I was blown away by the 1080 resolution, coming from 720p. To me, 1080 is a must have! I am a very demanding consumer. I have high expectations of products that I buy, and I was not disappointed with the Tonton. In fact I am thrilled with it.Bottom Line: The Tonton system has amazing quality and features, especially considering the very modest price. Then consider that you get the 18650 batteries and 32GB memory card included, now that's a great deal.

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  • With a 1080P full-HD camera, the image and video quality are unparalleled, making it easy to see any detail or identify a person
  • The cameras may become outdated quickly, requiring a costly replacement in the future

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