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Review on Sustainable Development Technology by Anakobe Victor

Sustainable Development Technology

Sustainable Development Technology is a company established in Canada to combat the climatic changes occurs in the environment, preserve a clean environment and help educate the people on the implications of an unhealthy environment using technological methods

In making this a reality funds are created by the Canadian government and this investment made has further given jobs with over 450 businesses already established with an investment of over $1.28billion put into

They have managed to reduce greenhouse emissions of toxics and are still looking for new companies with similar dreams to fund just as they have always been doing to others seen, with solid project proof and criterias being met they are sure to support such businesses

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Sustainable Development Technology as the name implies has been sustainable in developing tech across Canada

Investments made by this company has significantly increased creating more awareness on the impact of green house emissions, Making the environment cleaner and harm of doing otherwise. So far Canada with the help of this amazing project has become cleaner safer and a centre of attraction to many countries also jobs has significantly boosted

Pros & cons

  • Canadian government makes the funding
  • Supports are given to new companies
  • Lots of jobs are being created
  • None