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Review on IHealth Thermometer Vibration Notification Thermopile by Josh Rengo

German sensor accurately reads readings in a second

When the baby was born, we bought an inexpensive digital thermometer, which, as it turned out later, is inconvenient to use and takes a long time to wait for the result. Not much better than ordinary mercury. It so happened that the child fell ill, they did not help us in our clinic, they prescribed ineffective treatment, and we went to a private clinic to see a pediatrician. First of all, the doctor measured the temperature with an infrared thermometer, brought it to her forehead, a few seconds and the result is ready. The kid did not even have time to understand what happened. That's when I realized that I want to buy the same for home use. It was the company that she had that the doctor did not recommend because of frequent breakdowns. We began to look for a reliable option. For the price and quality we were advised by the Chinese. They did not doubt, since this company was checked by us, they took phones and a router. Everything is working properly. The device was packed in a small box: With detailed instructions and pictures: I bring the thermometer to my forehead and press the button. One second, the result is ready. We checked with mercury, everything converges exactly. The readings are displayed on the LED screen. The numbers are large and clear, you can see great at night. Unfortunately, tonight we had another chance to test the thermometer. The baby had a temperature of 39.2. I could not believe my eyes and went for mercury. I kept it for seven minutes and the same result - 39.2. They knocked down the heat with syrup and monitored the decrease in temperature every five minutes. It was very convenient and fast, with mercury the whole thing would have dragged on for a long time. The infrared device is made in a beautiful white color, very concise. In the hand lies easily, excellent. Not bulky. The only button you need to press is: Side view: The same part that is brought to the forehead: The thermometer does not squeak when the result is issued, but vibrates slightly. I took the temperature of the baby without waking him up with a beeping device. This is a huge plus, since it is difficult to put a wake up and sick child to bed later. I am very pleased with the purchase, but I hope that I will not have a chance to test it yet.

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Pros & cons

  • Quickly and accurately measures the temperature, fits comfortably in the hand
  • None

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