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Review on IHealth Thermometer Vibration Notification Thermopile by Amanda Castillo

iHealth Thermometer Valid for all seasons!: the whole truth about this product

In my opinion, there is no more convenient thermometer for measuring the temperature of the human body. No need to wait for a long time, the instant result is displayed immediately after pressing a single button. No special skills needed. The best gadget for taking a child's temperature is possible not only when he is sleeping, but also when he is awake. The photo below shows a view of the thermometer of the Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth body temperature measuring device. For an adult, this is also a godsend, since the time taken to measure the temperature is literally 2 seconds. The result is much more accurate than that of an electronic thermometer. Usually an electronic thermometer shows a temperature of 36.3, but in fact the body temperature is 36.6, and only when the indicator is 38, then yes, the friend will squeak and it’s not a fact that he will show the truth. Therefore, this thermometer, in my opinion, is much better and more accurate in all respects. Of course, its price is higher than that of an electronic or mercury thermometer, but it's worth it. Absolutely safe, as it works on the basis of infrared rays, the same in our Mibands. We bring it to the forehead at a distance of 30 cm. Press, look at the result and rejoice that today is the norm! The design is very concise, as befits the Xiaomi brand. Oddly enough, our family has quite a lot of products from this company. Toothbrush, naturally smartphones, scales, smartwatches and even backpacks and bags... Installed the battery, it's more practical. The temperature is displayed in a standard and familiar way, the charge level is also visible here. One click - one result. It lies ergonomically in the hand, when measuring the temperature, the thermometer vibrates and makes it clear that the result is ready. The price varies and depends on the site and place of purchase. I advise you to buy, you will not be disappointed for sure!

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