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Review on Barron's by Barış D

An excellent finance magazine

I have been following Barron's magazine for a long time. The magazine started its publication life many years ago. As I follow this magazine, my curiosity in crypto coins coincides with the same time. It is a magazine with a large number of readers, with a lot of different and fantastic content. In this weekly magazine, financial news are presented to readers in a successful and accurate manner.

I wait to read the new issue of the magazine every week. They give very good advice to people as they make really good predictions.

I am subscribed to the site through my own e-mail address. I also recommend it to people who want to register. Because the website is both very useful and very functional. In particular, I would like to add this. I would especially recommend it to people who are interested in exchanges and cryptocurrencies or who want to invest but have no knowledge of these issues. Because the evaluations and statistical data are done extremely successfully.

The best part of the magazine is that it has an application that can be downloaded and installed on all phones regardless of your operating system. This is a really cool thing. I do not agree with them even though there are people who say that the price is too high. Because you will really have the chance to earn more and more money from your investments thanks to the referrals you will receive from this magazine.

In short, it is a magazine that should be followed by people who want to be informed about the world economy.

Pros & cons

  • Phone application downloadable to all operating systems
  • Financial comments to be followed strictly
  • Valuable and quality information transfer
  • Nothing but expensive subscription price