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Review on Seedstars by David Olayide

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Seedstars, A Startup Incubator Company For Entrepreneurs

Today around us, many non-governmental organizations working to improve humanity continue to pop up. These companies are focused on different sectors of human endeavors, from health and economy, to technological innovations and entrepreneur based settings. Seedstars is one of such companies, that aims to revolutionize and improve the standards of living for people through technology and entrepreneurship.
Here are a few statistics I have gathered for the purpose of this review on the Seedstars profile. Seedstars, is present in many ecosystems numbering over 80 and the global network of Seedstars numbers over a 100,000 people worldwide. That figure includes a figure of about 2000 investors. The competition held on a regular basis by the company, accounts for 275 startups, 85% of which still exist today, and are responsible for creating over 2500 jobs.
I especially love the fact that the company is partnered with a host of valid and well recognized companies who actually have the means to extend the needed help. Organizations like USAID, UNICEF, GOOGLE, IBAN and CTCN, among very many others, are just some of the organizations or companies behind Seedstars.
What Seedstars actually does, can best be summed up as building startups right from scratch and investing in different solutions that solve some of the most critical issues and challenges that are faced in new and emerging markets. The company does indeed, offers a lot to the entrepreneur community. Access to investment opportunities and deals, market insight and of course investor training. Seedstars is not limited to any type of investors. They partner with both private and institutional investors alike.

  • Seedstars provides an enabling environment for startups to thrive
  • There are a lot of partners to support the project
  • The benefits of Seedstars actually has a lot of applications and all entrepreneurs can grow their companies user the hosting of Seedstars
  • None at all