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Review on Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 215/55 R17 94V summer by Jnis Avoti ᠌

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The product disappointed, does not meet the promises.

This is my 10th set of tires for all the time behind the wheel. And never before have I changed tires because of wear, always - only because of age. Car - Volkswagen Tiguan. In 2022, his relatives from the factory (by that time already 7 years old) Bridgstone Dueler HP tire was replaced by me with Continental. The reason for the replacement is solely the age of the tire (the remaining tread at that time was about 6 mm). According to the results of the first season, the central tread tracks were worn out by about half. The wheels were inflated strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations - 2.2 atm on an empty car and 2.4 atm on a loaded car (two adults with two children and things). Moreover, there were only three such trips with a total distance of no more than 3,000 km. The second season - did not even dare to pump up the wheels more than 2.2 atm - I hoped to leave at least one or two more seasons. As a result, for the second incomplete (due to quarantine) season, the wheels simply wore out to zero by mid-September. And one day, both rear wheels were "safely" pierced at low speed from small stones on a grader dirt road. Conclusion: the tires are comfortable, but the cost of operating a car on them at current prices - 30,000 / year - is simply huge. They are not as comfortable as Bridgstone and generally not as comfortable as Michelin and Nokian to cost so much more and fail so quickly. The average mileage by car is 15,000 per year maximum, the speed limit on the highway is 110 km / h and below. No "pedal to the floor" either during acceleration or braking. The main "work" of tires - 20 km around the city per day with one driver and no load. I repeat, I changed ALL previous sets of summer wheels solely due to the fact that the rubber began to dry out in time. And all my old wheels were easily sold for later use.

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  • Comfortable tires, quiet, manageable. Bonus: on snow that suddenly fell out in late spring, it behaves like a good Velcro.
  • Wear resistance tends to zero. Durability is right there.

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July 17, 2023
Most likely, there will be no “roll” effect on a lower profile and a wider disk. Highly recommend. Excellent tyres.