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Review on CIIE.CO by Douglas Cachazo

CIIECO: Project Incubator that benefits entrepreneurs in the region.

To talk about incubators, project accelerators is to talk about economic growth, many good projects fall by the wayside due to the frustration of not getting the necessary financing to successfully develop a project, not only the financial contribution, which of course is vital, but also the guidance of good advisors plays an important role in order not to fail.

This is where all these incubator projects or, as they are called, project accelerators, become important. There are many of them and they all pursue the same purpose, but there is a common denominator and that is that they are all regional, favoring a certain country or region, almost all in developed countries or emerging economies, unfortunately they do not reach underdeveloped or developing countries, but the important thing is that they are there and can be copied and serve as a model to be multiplied in all countries.

This CIIECO project is developed and favors people from India. It is what we call a project incubator with a view to favoring entrepreneurs and guiding them to be successful through financial assistance and counseling. This project has the backing of the prestigious Bill Gates foundations, as well as the JP Morgan bank among others.

The project grants loans up to $350,000 for free. However, not all of them are free, they also have investors ready to provide capital, the projects should preferably be technological and innovative.

Pros & cons

  • Good initiative to support ventures
  • Example projects to be copied
  • Benefits the Indu community
  • Backed by prestigious foundations and financial companies.
  • Benefits only one region