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Review on LG 34WK95U W 34 Class UltraWide 5120x2160p 21:9 Monitor by Luis Vargas

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Ultra wide in high definition, swoon!

I admit I took a bit of a risk as all the reviews and videos mention multiple issues with this display. Luckily I haven't experienced any of the ones I've read about! This is my first ultra wide monitor so some of these reviews might reflect that. First, I like its size. The 34-inch screen is wide enough to accommodate a lot of windows, while at the same time not being a problem as it's flat rather than curved. I've set a scaling that looks like 3360 x 1417 on macOS and I can comfortably fit three browser windows without being weird. The resolution renders text just like the sharpness on the 5K planar monitor I came from. I didn't notice any ill effects from the anti-glare coating, which was a big problem with my Dell 4K monitors. The colors are definitely beautiful before and after calibration. The hardware calibration is a plus and the calibration software was very easy to use. The speakers are pretty amazing. Before this monitor, I used my Macbook Pro 2018 speakers in clamshell mode. Needless to say, it sounded pretty bad. The speakers in this monitor sound slightly better than this one. One downside is that the volume control doesn't work within the operating system, but you can work around this by controlling the volume via EDID using software. om sleep works fine, macOS 10.14.5 recognized it with no problems, no random disconnects, dead or stuck pixels. Luckily all the negatives I've read before can't be found here. I will note that this particular monitor was manufactured in March 2019 and their software says the firmware is (I assume?) version (3.02, 2.14). Maybe it was a bad batch or a firmware update, not sure but so far so good! Now everything is not like roses and the sun! I have a problem. While connecting with a Thunderbolt 3 cable worked well, using DisplayPort with an eGPU on macOS was less comfortable. Without going into too much detail (although I could if it would help someone), simply overriding plist on macOS will force the OS to determine the correct resolution over DisplayPort and everything will work fine.

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