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Review on Euromoney Magazine by Douglas Cachazo

Euromoney Magazine: Another must have magazine for economists

All these magazines or digital formats have a great importance for the content they handle, something as complex as the economy requires extensive knowledge in the field to make the right decisions, I would not dare to say which is better or worse than others, in general all offer good level of information what changes is the provision and the degree of information to offer, in this magazine you will find more information on articles that impact the economy without reaching deeper technical levels.

It is really overwhelming the amount of articles on economic matters that can be found in this digital format, my evaluation is based on what you can see in terms of type of information, availability, accessibility of information and quality of the published content, if it is of vital interest or not, for me it is not possible to make a deeper evaluation because despite being a lover of economic and financial issues, it is not really the professional area in which I work,

Apart from the fact that in this free access format the information is summarized and basic, you will get the complete information if you are a subscriber and this has a membership fee. Which varies according to the requirements and level, there are video courses available, among the most outstanding courses: Banking, corporate finance, treasury and a very important one for investors in debt bonds and other bonds offered in different countries, it is a good course of capital markets and derivatives, the idea is to buy bonds and debts in main markets or offer them in secondary markets.

The information is well distributed in sections, Banking, Currencies, Markets of the different regions such as North and Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Pros & cons

  • Many years in the market
  • Good subject matter for economists and high level financial experts.
  • Well distributed sections
  • Training courses
  • Complete material under subscription system