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Review on Sand Hill Angels by John Aledare

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Sand Hill Angels is a pretty selective investment company that was why I couldn't use it services

Sand Hill Angels (SHA) invests in revolutionary, scalable technology at the seed stage in order to develop lucrative enterprises. They have more than a hundred  members who are seasoned technology entrepreneurs, business executives, and angel investors looking for opportunities to invest and advise. Startups or entrepreneurs that appreciate patient capital and the long-term assistance that our broad networks can give are their top pick. Large and expanding markets, possibly the best challenges, revolutionary solutions, defensible technology, and strong teams with a proven ability to execute are all things they look out for. Sand Hill Angels seeks to invest in Northern California-based firms in order to maintain active participation with our portfolio. After a little more research i discovered that they don't invest in companies outside America only on very rare occasion which made my integration with the company a little bit off.

  • They have invested millions of dollars in different startups
  • They have various social media platforms where they can be accessed
  • The company has a team of seasoned and well-to-do members
  • The company has no support for companies outside America

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July 28, 2021
Excellent review friend, good information and great writing, I find the way in which you explain everything about the subject of companies that invest in an early stage company interesting. Each point is important in this type of topic, since many are interested in seeing more in depth what each company is about and giving value to each strategy that these companies offer