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Review on Comerica Incorporated by Özgün A

One of the companies with the strongest infrastructure in the American continent

Comerica Incorporated is a platform that provides consultancy services and reporting in many areas such as financial transactions, investment advice, banking affairs. It is among the largest news and consulting companies in the United States. They especially serve the American continent countries.

Comerica Incorporated may provide loans to companies, but these are not large-scale loans. You can think of it as SME (Small-medium sized enterprises) allowances.

Two of my favorite features of Comerica Incorporated are:

1) Salary check protection program: With this feature, loans were opened to people who experienced a decrease in their income in the coronavirus pandemic. Repayment methods are very flexible and left to the user's choice

2) Libor Filling (London Interbank Offered Rate): Comerica Incorporated will provide ease of payment against the attitude of LIBOR, which says that the payments will be stopped after 2023.

Comerica Incorporated is a highly institutionalized company. Comerica Incorporated's aim is not only to serve large companies, but also to small companies. The procedure is done in a disciplined and serious manner.

Pros & cons

  • They provide consultancy and credit support to businesses
  • The range of corporate services is quite wide
  • It consists of strong infrastructure and experienced experts
  • Prioritizes the American continent countries