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Review on Archival Methods by Olugbenga Ajayi

Archival methods are leaders in production and supply of quality archival materials

Archival Methods is a company established and located in Rochester, New York, in the USA. The company is a leader in the production and supplies of all forms and sizes of archival materials. It is no news that how valuable of an item is to one can easily be judged by how you keep it. Unfortunately there are times whereby some item will be valuable and will be well kept but because of the nature or poor quality of the storage, the item(s) will damage and hone forever. This is the problem that arvhival methods has solved.

The company produce quality and state of the art materials for storage of photos, videos, artwork and other archival items in such a way that they can last very long. Suvh products include pamphlet binders, poly enclosure, archival board, cd storage and many more.

All items come in different sizes and colors and are of the best quality. As a lover of videos, photos and artwork, i believe services offered by archival methods is highly necessary and well recommended. Itbis also good to know that company has been around for so long that they have made a good track record for themselves. Comments from users online revealed that there customer service is cool. Also supply and delivery is prompt and price tag on items are fair.

Pros & cons

  • Good customer service
  • Prompt supply and delivery of items
  • prices on items are fair
  • Items produced are necessary for atorage and safekeeping of archival items whether for individual usage or museum usage.
  • Customers can get discount
  • The company seems to operate and delivers in the US and it environment