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Review on Dell Screen LED Lit Monitor U3818DW QHDultrawide3840X1600P, Gaming Monitor, by Terry Pavelko

Great monitor for business applications.

I'm not a gamer, so I wasn't looking for the 144Hz refresh rate that some large ultra-wide gaming monitors offer. I needed multiple inputs as I wanted to use this with my Windows desktop PC and my work computer such as a MacBook Pro 16 which all have USB-C ports. Some reviews have said that charging on a MacBook Pro does not should support as it needs 90W but looks like they updated the design at some point and mine says it supports 100W. I can charge my MacBook Pro as well as stream audio and video over a single USB-C cable which is great, so as not to clutter my desktop. Multiple HDMI inputs are also reliable, although I only use one. I originally planned on using the onboard KVM, but ended up with a Logitech MX Keys keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse, which natively support up to three devices, allowing them to connect to my MacBook Pro via Bluetooth and my MacBook Pro via Logitech Connect PC Unifying Receiver. I love that it has a large workspace with no break in the middle like it would in a dual monitor setup. Overall I really like it, the picture is sharp with good color saturation and contrast, and the warranty seems much better than other monitors in this class. There are two things that kept me from giving it five stars: while I'm not a gamer and don't need a 144hz refresh, it would be better if it was a 120hz panel (that's a 60- Hz display) as that would be smoother. Scroll large documents. Changing the input is a bit cumbersome. This requires multiple button presses and navigating through a short menu of controls located in the lower-right corner of the monitor. It would be better if the advanced settings were hidden in a menu with a simple enter key to switch between inputs as I switch between computers several times a day. It probably won't be my forever monitor but I'm very happy with it and think that in its form factor it's probably the best choice for the power business user available today.

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Pros & cons

  • 60 Hertz
  • Poor color accuracy

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