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Review on Vivid Seats by Kenny Moreno

Great customer service via Live Chat or phone to help find the right seats for you

(Vivid Seats Review)
This is my review of Vivid Seats. I had to switch back to regular internet just to write this, because the company would not let me post or rate their services. I was surprised that they deleted it initially, but then glad! They continue to make false statements about their service and refused to answer any of my questions (which were all answered with great detail by others here who also tried out their site).  I don't know if these are valid complaints, but I do know that there is MUCH more negative than positive regarding this company.  When you're ready for some real-world experience about Vivid Seats, skip down towards the bottom where you will find very detailed reviews and complaints from other people who also tried their service and had a bad experience. I'll start with the feedback I've read on their Facebook and Twitter pages:
I just took a quick look at their FB page and they haven't responded to most of the negative claims on there from upset customers.  Not one! Also, when they have asked people who were unhappy with their service to call them about being charged hidden fees or taxes, etc., they either get no response or are told by Vivid Seats that "we do charge VAT taxes and a fee that covers the cost of your seat." When asked for details about how much it costs, they don't answer. What kind of company does that? Hmmmm...
I totally agree with all these posts here. I wish I had read them first before using Vivid Seats. One other thing I found very odd is that they make no mention to their privacy policy, refunds or policies until you set up an account - once again trying to catch the consumer off guard and make them pay for something without realizing what's going on!  Oh, and if you do try to file a complaint or refund request online, be sure to have a nice cold drink nearby because after clicking submit it 2+ minutes just for the complaint to go through and for them to receive it, you'll need a moment in the refrigerator.  It's like watching paint dry...
Vivid Seats is not BBB accredited and neither do they have any reviews on Yelp or Better Business Bureau. I'm sure we all know why by now. Again, if anyone has anything nice to say about Vivid Seats, please share because I haven't found much yet!! Best of luck!

Pros & cons

  • Secure purchases with an SSL certificate to make sure your information is never compromised
  • the company is not even based in NY, but rather some place where they don't have to follow US laws (does that sound like someone you want to do business with?)
  • they don't volunteer information before purchase and almost everything has to be looked up online. They don't have a phone number to reach a real person.  - unhappy customers in UK and Australia filed complaints against the company for fraud and poor service
  • they use more than one rating system, including wanting you to pay for your rating (which again doesn't seem like an honest company)
  • taxes are included at checkout, but after your purchase they charge tax so it ends up being about 7% or 9% higher than advertised price