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About OffGamers

OffGamers is a leading online retail and distribution platform that primarily offers game credits and top-ups to our customers from around the globe delivered instantly. Having built a solid reputation, we serve more than 3.5 million registered users worldwide. Our coverage includes America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Our company believes strongly in fostering and nurturing strong relationships with our partners and customers in order to optimize the ability to facilitate the video gaming industry. To adopt cost-effective and solid technology systems in generating crowning products and services of world-class standard and push to deliver savings to clientele and profitability to partners with targeted business. To lead by example in the industry with pioneering concepts and products whilst instilling integrity and creativity in our corporate culture.

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OffGamers: video games marketplace

In the lucrative global business of video games could not miss a company like this whose economic activity is the online marketing of a large number of video games and recharge cards for the games that require it. They boast a large community...See full review

OffGamers Review and Research

They are a group of software engineers, trainers and security-minded people who are responsible for delivering successful projects. They are a group of leaders who share ownership and membership in building bases, ticket management and data storage...See full review

The OffGamers game is more fun.

Hello everyone friends. This OffGamers game is a leading online retail and distribution platform, and the OffGamers game was launched in 2004 in Singapore. primarily offers game credits and surcharges to customers from all over the world. Glad I...See full review

Review on OffGamers by Umut Y.

rrIt is a global platform for selling local and international CDs and games and has codes and games on all channels and investors can trust and confirm their purchases. It has more than 2000 Games supported by 45 partners and more than 70 game...See full review


This platform is doing a good job in caring out there duties. It has a good record of success over the time. One of the reason this platform was choosing by my is that it price is competitive. This website is doing amazing job, It a online game...See full review

A platform that sells credits for in-game purchases

OffGamers is a global platform where all transactions related to game-related purchases such as game credits and in-game purchases are made. In addition, this company supports game developers. The OffGamers website is very...See full review

My review about OffGamers

Hello to everyone. Today I will be writing about OffGamers. OffGamers was created in Singapore in 2004. The purpose of the platform's creation is to present the gift cards of some famous platforms in a way that is cheaper and easier to find. On...See full review

Offgamers: The Perfect Online Destination For The Easy Purchase And Distribution Of Game Credits And Cards By Gamers Across The Globe.

Offgamers is an online distribution platform whose main focus is fast, instant and unrestricted delivery of game credits and topups to their customers anywhere around the world. Offgamers distribution coverage extends across America, Europe, Asia...See full review

My Review for OffGamers

It is a platform that supports game developers, players and publishers and insures them a good financial income, has a famous brand with 15 years of experience and frequent and widespread successes everywhere. It develops payment and distribution...See full review

Register here in no time.

The OffGamers platform is a platform where you can buy gift cards, playing cards and CD keys online. There are many different types of gift cards you can buy for Itunes and Google Play. When you ask if you like playing games, many people will...See full review