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About Ticket IQ

Check out the all-new with Fee Free tickets for all events and a Refund Guarantee!

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TicketIQ is a website that sells tickets for a variety of events. TicketIQ ticket categories include MLB, NHL, NBA, music concerts, etc. Of course, it was better for people who are not very familiar with acronyms, the main categories were set by...See full review

With new name- TicketIQ

TicketIQ used to be mounted on 4th July 2010. Formally ancient identify of mission was once TiqIQ, so then altering for name, and grew to be TicketIQ in United State. They provide less costly fee for tickets. So it is additionally precise nice of...See full review

your guarantee of attendance at your favorite events

If we do not want to miss out on our favorite events, be they sports games, musical concerts, conferences and others, we must find an ally that allows us to buy our tickets safely and at low cost. For that, we have the TicketlQ ticket marketing...See full review

TicketIQ: The best in the business

Are you looking for how to get a ticket for your favorite musician's concert or perhaps you are planning an event and you are looking for a way to sell your tickets, tge TicketIQ is the perfect place for you as ut is reliable and the integrity of...See full review

Review on Ticket IQ by Okan.

Ticket IQ has been working with ticket vendors, festivals and tournaments since 2009. Has got the best deals in the market until it reached more than a billion dollars of inventory ticket sales. It has reliable and secure sources to provide the...See full review

You can purchase tickets with confidence

TicketIQ is a company that sells tickets for events and makes reservations. The most important feature of this company is that it repays the entire money for canceled events. You can find lots of different event tickets. The events are divided into...See full review


It is online platform that sell ticket, it has good, it was founded in 2009. It focuses in selling ticket around the world. It has good tracking record over the years. This private own company has put many features in place that makes the platform...See full review

My Review and Reserachs on Ticket IQ

My current review is for Ticket IQ. Ticket IQ is an experienced and successful ticket sales company with more than 10 years of experience selling tickets for festivals, football matches, basketball matches, various events and various concerts...See full review

Review on Ticket IQ by Batu.

Ticket IQ is a very famous company in the sale of tickets for events, Ticket IQ was established more than ten years ago to be the ideal global company in the sale of tickets, because Ticket IQ provides tickets at the best prices, and has a solid...See full review

Ticket IQ: everyone's choice

Ticket IQ, which has been bringing entertainment and art enthusiasts together since 2009 as the "entry point to entertainment in the USA", is a member of the Ticketmaster Family, the world's leading ticketing company operating in 21 countries...See full review