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About Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats is the largest independent online ticket marketplace, sending tens of millions of fans to live events. Experiences Matter- which is why we continue to grow year over year. We've unseated major rivals and secured exclusive new partnerships with iconic brands like ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Our longstanding relationships with certified ticket re-sellers and our convenient fan-to-fan selling platform offer an unrivaled experience for both fans and sellers. The company was founded in 2001 by Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilatos and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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Vivid seat offers Best Experience when It Comes To live Events

Vivid seats was launched as an Independent ticket market place in 2001, it is a frontliner in the live event ticketing business from Nort America Vivid seats offers one of the most competitive ticket prices with cash backs on tickets purchased by...See full review

Great customer service via Live Chat or phone to help find the right seats for you

(Vivid Seats Review) This is my review of Vivid Seats. I had to switch back to regular internet just to write this, because the company would not let me post or rate their services. I was surprised that they deleted it initially, but then glad...See full review

The largest online marketplace with exclusive partnerships

Shop at Vivid Seats for cheap prices everyday on NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL tickets. This online ticket seller also has a great selection of Broadway and concert tickets, so you can see your favorite band or event in any city throughout the United States…See full review

Clear Seats: Another Online Tickets Commercial center With Famous Associations And Advantageous Administrations

Distinctive Seats is another online ticket commercial center for where tickets can be bought to a wide range of occasions and shows, however it isn't only any online ticket deals place, it professes to be the greatest online autonomous tickets...See full review

My opinion about Vivid Seats Company.

VIVID SEATS is a worldwide ticket selling platform. It was founded by Jerry bedniak and Eric vasilatos in 2001. It has more than one center and they are Chicago, Illinois, United States. Works on the production of tickets that allow access to...See full review

Vivid Seats: Another Online Tickets Marketplace With Popular Partnerships And Convenient Services

Vivid Seats is another online ticket marketplace for where tickets can be purchased to all kinds of events and shows, but it isn't just any online ticket sales place, it claims to be the biggest online independent tickets marketplace, where...See full review

Vivid Seats

VividSeats you earn from the sale and marketing of your tickets and determine the quantity and price and if you want free tickets you have to install the price and number by sending an e-mail to rest assured that your cards have been shopped and...See full review

Vivid Seats: Company that sells tickets to events

Something like a ring to the finger for the North American market, by tradition the North American people are very practical, they like comfort without many complications, and this company offers them that, from their web page or cellular device...See full review

Take a look at Vivid Seats

Hello everyone, friends. Speaking of Vivid Seats, this is an open seat app for iOS and Android. Sports and concerts across the country are also the best ticket program to find and buy tickets to theater events. Explore new events with this app. If...See full review

Review on Vivid Seats..

rrFounded in 2001, it is the leading sports ticket sales and marketing company in North America. It offers the most competitive ticket prices, works with big name companies and guarantees a 100% buyer to maximize the number of fans. Which is the...See full review