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Making buying, bidding & selling tickets easy, fun & affordable.

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Tick pick my choice

TICKPICK TICKPICK Company is a US established company that was founded in the year 2011, this company gives good tickets reservation at a very considerable fee. TICKPICK Company is well known despite having limited language options which I think...See full review

Explore event calendars for events of your interest

I recently had the pleasure of using an online ticketing service called TickPick ( ).  I used this site to purchase tickets for the Ford Center in Evansville, IN on February 14th, 2015. The reason I was purchasing some new tickets is due to my...See full review

Make ticket buying easy by eliminating the need to scroll through buy/sell pages

Are you planning to attend an upcoming sporting event, concert or even a Broadway show? You might want to consider buying your tickets on the secondary market because it offers better deals than buying tickets directly from the box office. There...See full review

Tickpick is an online platform that offers events tickets for sport,concerts and other activities.

Tickpick is online platform that offers ticks either for events, sport and concerts to entertain and make Lively expression for the world to see. It provides entertainment of the best kind in such a way that it is easy to access any one it events...See full review

TickPick Company

I will like to share with you my findings about TickPick, stay tuned. TICKPICK Company was established in year 2011, this company is well known for selling Tickets at lucrative prices, this company located in United States. Are you in need of...See full review


Event ticketing websites sometimes charge fees for services provided that the buyer does not notice. But at TickPick, the website promises us that there will be no service charge at this ticket store. The design and classification of TickPick is...See full review

TickPick company

Today I will like to pen down my own side of view on "TickPick" while you relax and have fun. Now To My Review. TickPick company base on selling of Ticket for whatever event you may think of, It was launched in year 2011. TickPick company sell...See full review

Rates on Tickpick are even sometimes lesser than the actual rate. This is why I feel they are the best

Best prices for events are usually the hardest to fin especially the big ones. Tickpick, an event ticket collector simplifies all the process for you at rates that are quite not inclusive of any fee. With Tickpick, anyone can get event tickets to...See full review


It is a ticket site, the platform is selling ticket for sporting event, concert and others. It was established in 2011, has it headquarter in United State. One of the great things about the platform is the accessibility, it support mobile device...See full review

Tick-et Pick

TickPick is a company that sells and makes reservations for many events around the world. What I like most about TickPick is that it sells 10% cheaper tickets than any of its competitors. What...See full review