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Review on Surebonder PRO2 220 Adjustable Temperature Pro by Christian Poojary

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2 of them died after only 3 weeks

Died after 3 weeks of use in our counter shop. The 90-day guarantee only applies when using Surebonder glue. Glue will never affect the life of the gun. We have 10 hot glue guns in the store that we use every day and none of them broke easily. We've been buying 11lb boxes of glue from the same supplier for years and it hasn't ruined any of our guns so I think it's very petty not to guarantee not using their glue. We actually bought 2 of these at the same time and both left within a week of each other. If there was only 1 I could at least give the product a second chance, but both are so close that I feel like they are poorly made. We thought these would be great shotguns as the Surebonder Pro9000A shotguns have served us for years without issue. After the "Great Recession" we started buying the Pro9000A because they were much cheaper than the #M Quadratrack and they worked very well. They were discontinued a few years ago so I bought them in August thinking the Pro2-220 would be just as good. Be smart and if you want a quality industrial glue gun, get the Quadratrack 3M. It's about $50 more expensive but will last for years. I will do that from now on.

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  • So far so good