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Review on 🌈 Vibrant Rainbow Embroidery Floss: 50 Skeins for Cross Stitch, Friendship Bracelets, and Crafts by Kim Sanchez

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Because of needlework yesterday, I went to bed again today ...

Women's needlework for me is akin to ... meditation? divination? Oh, call it what you want), but not creativity: it's still a craft. I have already been ill with embroidery, although from time to time I feel symptoms. But I managed to infect my mother-in-law with this "ailment”, and in the winter she dumps the whole household on my shoulders (we live together), and she conjures, conjures ... And I don’t tell her anything about it, I know from myself that the fight against this female fuss is a useless thing. At the moment, my mother-in-law's happiness, or rather, one of its ingredients, looks like this: And this, believe me, is just a part of it. Embroidery is not the cheapest pleasure at all: canvas, needles, threads, the design of finished works in framing workshops - for some reason, all this costs almost more than a cast-iron bridge. Again - finding an interesting project, making an intelligent scheme - all this is not so simple. We create patterns for embroidery on the Crosti.ru portal, and even though it is criticized from time to time. We are satisfied. And floss is gradually becoming more expensive. I don’t know what is so expensive about them from the point of view of production, in my opinion, it’s a matter of the psychology of relationships: the manufacturer knows for sure that "hamsterism” (this is how needlewomen are called for their indestructible tendency to stock up for the future with everything that is related to their occupation) invincible, and where will we go, and at any price, turn down - we will still buy. We did the last replenishment of stocks of threads last winter, one sack was worth 16 rubles at that time. And if you consider that on average, about 90 colors are involved in creating a picture, and many have more than one skein ... so count. A skein is, roughly speaking, one hank of thread. In the range, such a hank consists of six threads twisted into one (but unwind them easily), 8m long, as stated on the labels: The color spectrum is the widest, each color is coded, these codes are taken into account when selecting threads. They are labeled as follows: In addition, it must be taken into account that different batches of the same shade may differ slightly, but still differ, see: One shade is a little more intense! And number one! Suppose this is not important with this color, but the cases are different, so you have to be careful. There are other nuances: when gluing labels, a drop of glue falls on the thread, and this area has to be cut out: And when faced with a knot, the embroiderer simply becomes furious!: But in general, a frank regrading: the thread seemed to be dumped (see to the left of the eye of the needle): Luckily, this doesn't happen all that often. As a rule, all six threads in one are flawless: So I found the scheme, printed it out, drew the canvas, bribed the threads (again three to five thousand flew away), and go! And here everyone has their troubles. Because I taught my mother-in-law to embroider. She adopted my methods from me. In my opinion, Gamma is best sorted by organizers. We remove the labels from the skein, unwind the thread in all its 8 meters, fold it several times and cut it into sections of acceptable length. Then we just pack the whole thing according to the organizers, stick the numbers with tape: And this is the result of passion: Of course, such a "debriefing" takes a lot of time, but then it is very convenient to pull out exactly the two necessary threads: I singled them out of six, pulled them, and they came out: And then these leftovers will still come in handy: already numbered and laid out, so it’s also convenient to store in this form. How everything looks in finished form, I will show by the example of two already sewn pictures. Here, for example, the elements of one - persimmon and elements of chasing: Not impressive? This is because embroidery up close is a waste of time. But like this? Or here's another: some obscure color spots turn into something like this: It is convenient and pleasant to work with gamma: the thread does not lint, does not stretch and is not afraid of washing. Colors are not prone to molting, under glass they are generally almost eternal. The mass of shades allows even a very, very demanding eye to easily determine. In addition, Gamma is a popular manufacturer, so there are a lot of tables on the tyrnet. allowing you to replace one or another shade of this floss with something else. Of course, there is DMC - who embroidered them. they say they won’t refuse them, but they are an order of magnitude more expensive. There is a cheaper Kirov, but its threads do not have the silkiness inherent in the gamut, and they are overhauled. So at the moment, floss from Gamma is the most acceptable option for my mother-in-law. I look at her when she sews, and I remember myself, I also sat like this at night a few years ago, I could not force myself to tear myself away. And such envy takes! Especially when I think that there is a diagram of the "Scottish Castle" in the drawer of the table, and I have enough threads, and there is also a marvelous embroidery machine ...

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  • Huge color spectrum; do not shed when washing; do not shag and do not pile in work
  • Marriage sometimes still occurs; the price keeps going up