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Review on Comerica Incorporated by Hasan Abbasli

Comerica Incorporated is one of the best bank systems in America

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about Comerica bank.

This bank was founded in 1849 in Detroit. It is very useful to benefit from their own websites while doing research about the bank. Because there is as much information as you want for both people and companies on the bank's official website. As a customer, I liked this very much. Because it is very important for me to learn about the bank that I will be a customer of. And Comerica bank has also made its sites very comfortable by considering the customers.

Comerica bank has online banking, mobile banking and many other services.

If we look at the history of the bank, we can see that it has provided high-level service to its customers for a very long time. This shows how experienced Comerica bank is in the banking industry.

In addition, since the day it was created, it has made its customers happy with innovations almost every year, because each bank that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level is respected by its customers and the customer community grows even more.

We cannot end by counting the good sides of the bank. But we must also see its downsides. The bank has 591 branches around the world. Unfortunately, these branches serve in America, Canada and a few other countries. In my opinion, if the Comerica bank increases the number of branches and provides services in other countries, it will gain a large customer base. I believe the bank will bring innovations in the future and I will write about these innovations as well.

Thanks for reading my review.

Pros & cons

  • For almost 200 years, it has been providing high-level service to its customers.
  • Has a great experience
  • Customer satisfaction is at the top level
  • A lot of information is placed on the website for customers who want to do research.
  • The bank has 591 branches, but it is limited to a few countries