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Review on Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 10 2022 4/128 GB Global, Dual nano SIM, carbon gray by Andrey Mihailov (And ᠌

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not a bad product, but you can find better.

Regarding the Samsung online shop separately, complete ass: 1. It is impossible to monitor an order using its ID. An error warning regarding the lack of such an order appears when you copy the order identifier to the search box. Despite being, it was transmitted by email. They argued in favor of this claim by stating that only consultants—hemorrhoids out of the blue—can conduct a search. 2. I had to call myself after waiting two days for a call to confirm the order. 3. When I called the Samsung call center to confirm the order, they started to look up the information, confirmed my order, and then they informed me that the delivery date of the order the following day (the one indicated in the basket when I was buying and when I specified my address) was impossible. I would need to call yourself with the courier service and coordinate the delivery (!) as soon as the order's invoice number appears. Okay, I decided to wait until a different time instead of the original delivery date, and I started to wait for the invoice number. The order was delivered on the original date (and not as they indicated in the call center, i.e. they were not at all coordinated with each other), but I changed my plans anyhow before the invoice even showed up. The dishonest call center puzzled me. I therefore needed to spend an additional 2 days determining when I needed to be at home and when the order would be delivered.

  • Since I belong to the group of customers who upgraded from low-cost phones to those in the "top" category, it is unlikely that my review will be helpful to seasoned users. Because I had never purchased a "flagship" before, I loved the obvious features: I enjoyed the stabilization and camera quality, which is even more surprise after the A5 2022 and A40 2022 (though I'm not some savvier player who gives a load of fps in toys).
  • With normal use (I don't have any games, movies, super-duper colorful live wallpapers, or anything else distracting), it discharges from 100% to zero in 5 hours. Just occasionally a few calls lasting five minutes, then the screen comes on, you answer or write in the messenger, you look at the spam videos there, the screen goes off, and you check your work schedule in your personal account through the web (AoD only comes on when you touch it). The earlier Deshmansky A40 lost 30% during the same period of time with the identical application. Although it doesn't get too hot, the sediment is still present.