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Review on Amazon Pay by Adedayo Adeniji

Amazon Payments an online platform

My views about are that Amazon Payments is great credit card processor, for companies already selling merchandise through the online giant. It provides plenty of integration options – from a custom API to eCommerce plugins – while remaining relatively inexpensive.

You pay 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, with no monthly fees or minimums. There are also no additional setup costs involved. This the pricing scheme is the same as from online processing giants like Stripe and PayPal. The main disadvantage of using Amazon Payments is that it can handle fewer payment types than those other options listed.

Among the dozens of credit card processors we looked at, Amazon Payments has one of the lowest rates for handling international transactions.

Amazon Payments has no in person solution. It is one of the better online-only credit card processors. While it can’t handle PayPal or ACH transactions, it offers reasonable prices and doesn't come with a lot of overhead costs which makes it perfect for companies that are just starting out and want a simple low-cost solution.

Pros & cons

  • It is good for Companies that are just starting out
  • It is good for firms looking for only online payments platform
  • Not good for business owners who would like to accept PayPal and crypto currencies
  • Those looking for one processor to handle both in-person and online transactions