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Review on Amazon by Adedamola Adeniji

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Amazon Is An E-line Market Place with One of The Best Product and Service Delivery With Customer Centric Services

Amazon is an international technology company that is native to Seattle Washington DC, it ranks among the top liner companies in the US like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft
Amazon deals in E-commerce, cloud computing, music streaming and artificial
It is one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world and as one of world's most valuable brand.
It used to be known as Cadabra Incoporated and was founded 26 years ago by Jeff Bezos who doubles has its CEO.
It also render the following services namely Amazon web, Amazon Aleva, Amazon App store, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video and many
I am currently using Amazon music for the distribution worldwide my Debut EP Album, I happen to be a gospel singer/songwriter, I distributed my 6 track Album on it and it went live April 10 this year and the feedback has been amazing
It has more than 30 subsidiaries top on the list are: Abebooks, Amazon Air, Amazon Books, Amazon Pharmacy, Amazon Studios, AWS, Body Labs among others.
It is without doubt the largest E-line market place in the world with well established industries via technological invention done on a large scale
Amazon has one of the best distribution train which is armed with numerous distribution facilities with inherent cords desk centers, fulfilment centres, sortation and delivery points.
One thing I love about thier delivery packages is that it has a computerized system of operation that records the location of goods and maps out routes for pickers with an hand held computer linked with the central sever to monitor delivery progress while some of its warehouses are equipped by Amazon Robotics.
You can also access its services on mobile devices both Android and iOS alike.
To set up your account is piece of cake, you will be required to supply your name, mobile number and punch in your desired
I recommend Amazon without flinching
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  • Well organized website because products and services are arranged for easy access.
  • It is a multi-lingual platform, So it bridges language gaps.
  • Amazon can be accessed via mobile app both Android and iOS.
  • Help desk organized by relevant topics.
  • It has more than two decades operational history.
  • So far none known to me.

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