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Review on Barron's by David Olayide

The Magazine Called Barron's

Barron’s is a weekly financial magazine and is referred to as one of the most trusted financial magazines with some of the most interesting articles. The magazine publishes content on investment ideas and concepts, and is totally dedicated to publishing mostly about investment. Each week, different companies are analyzed and reviewed along with investment ideas and concepts that come from the author’s personal research. I see this as a very useful initiative because, you can easily stay abreast of the latest information regarding investment in certain companies or corporations.

From the articles I read while visiting the website of the magazine I can say that they are properly written with credible information. The articles are detailed and still easy to understand. Anyone who is familiar with investment techniques and ideas alongside analysis, should be able to understand the articles easily.

I really liked the structure of what I saw on the magazine's website. There were lots of videos and podcasts containing articles and content which you could just listen to, or watch instead. However something that does not really appeal to me is the pricing of the subscription. You have to pay an a certain amount of money to gain access to either the print or online access. The price is higher than what you get on other magazines. Notwithstanding though, the magazine has quality content and I am sure that some investors are comfortable with the pricing.

Additionally, I discovered that there is a mobile application version which you can download on both Android and iOS devices from both stores respectively. Apart from the pricing, Barron’s is one of the best financial magazines you can choose.

Pros & cons

  • Published weekly with well written articles
  • Companies are analyzed and articles can include investment ideas, trends and concepts
  • The articles are detailed and can be easily understood by most people
  • Barron's is well known and trusted by a lot of people including investors
  • Podcasts and videos are available for readers to access.
  • The price for subscriptions are on the high side but then, the magazine provides quality content