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Review on ASUS PB278Q 2560X1440 DisplayPort Monitor Flicker Free, ‎LED Display PB278Q 27 Inch, HD, HDMI by Brad Woodward

Compared to the 27-inch Apple iMac for photo editing (updated)

I'm posting this review specifically for those who want to know how this monitor compares to a 27" Apple monitor or a 27" iMac for photo editing. So first, a clarification: I'm comparing the monitor panel of my late 2009 iMac to this ASUS PB278Q. And I'm making a comparison based on calibrating both monitors with a Coloreyes Display Pro calibration kit purchased within the last six months. My goal for this monitor is to turn it into portrait mode so I can work with my vertical photos in Photoshop. , Lightroom, Capture One etc with the same screen size my 27" iMac provides for horizontal photos (about 2/3 of my shots are vertical) between them. And thankfully I feel like I've nailed it. the gradations were smoother and unsurprisingly the ASUS looked a bit sharper I could almost live with that but I decided to persevere was that I got a decent comparison when I lowered the ASUS Contrast to 30 and then repurposed it The Coloreyes profile check chart looked best on these settings and the monitors looked very close together - close enough for me to get back to work ;-) It was actually a very good learning experience as I understood better , which is what I needed from a higher end (much more expensive) monitoring solution.But there is a moment when the ROI diminishes and I will be pleased with the performance that the 27" iMac and this ASUS monitor bi offer. I haven't tried pairing two 27" Apple displays, but I'm wondering if I've tried pairing a newer 27" Apple display with my 2009 iMac when I could get a better match. I wouldn't be surprised if I found a similar nuance of difference there. So, after calibrating with ASUS at Contrast: 30, three The differences I see between the 2009 27" iMac display and the ASUS PB278Q are: (1) Slight difference in smoothness of very gradual color gradation in bright and dark areas. (2) iMac black is darker. However, this seems insignificant when comparing real photos. (3) Even after calibration, two monitors display colors differently. Here, ASUS actually looks a little "more correct" thanks to neutral gray tones and pure white ". iMac looks a bit greenish. It's been like this for 4 years. . .Conclusions: Experience has taught me the value of monitor calibration. For those looking for a good and inexpensive solution, I recommend the Coloreyes Display Pro. And mine Conclusions are based on the assumption that you will calibrate your monitor when trying to decide between a $1,000 Apple display and this sub-$600 alternative you can surely save over $400 by choosing this ASUS display. Use the $400 share to get what you need to keep it calibrated and you're better off since you'll also need to calibrate your Apple display. If you're worried about pairing this display with Apple's 27-inch display, you'll probably be happy with how close you can get it. *Of course* it won't be a *perfect* match. Not sure if the new Apple would be a perfect fit either. very workable combination. My 27" iMac doesn't have an anti-glare screen like the newer models. ASUS does that and it's a welcome improvement. *** I remember the first time I looked at my photos on my iMac. I used to have the EIZO ColorEdge Used CE210 which is a decent color calibrated monitor. iMac just blew it away. And once properly calibrated has served me very well. So saying I could be just as happy working with this ASUS as I am with my iMac 27" means saying something. I hope it will be helpful to someone looking for this specific comparison like I did when I was trying to decide against buying an ASUS monitor. If anything changes on an ASUS monitor, I'll be sure to update my post. I loved using it today for work in Photoshop" (almost different than what they sell today), so now I can compare the look of the current iMac 27" monitor to ASUS's monitor instead of with my almost 4 year old monitor. Notably, the color balance between the two is much tighter now thought it might be useful.***

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Pros & cons

  • Extensive connectivity with native support for WQHD content via HDMI, DisplayPort and dual-link DVI
  • Only available in white

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