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Review on The Norinchukin Bank by Gunay Ovezova

About Norinchukin Bank.

In Japan, Norinchukin Bank plays an important role in Japanese society as a rural, fisheries and automobile services cooperative, a supporter of the country’s economic development and a state monetary base that is an ally of agriculture, fisheries and development. Accounting firms that encourage people, such as agriculture Japan, agricultural cooperatives, fishing cooperatives, and forest cooperatives.

JA Bank and Marine Bank, which are the permanent capital base, lend to agriculture, fisheries and horticulture, private, agricultural and fisheries services to achieve the bank’s core objectives. ranger services and organizations defined by. The Bank also conducts various lending and speculation exercises in Japan and abroad, provides professional oversight of reserves, and provides regular income to individuals.

I think this company will be looking for a permanent job and will continue to test the new paradise when it turns 100 in December 2023 and bravely oppose change.

Pros & cons

  • Institute of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.
  • The bank conducts lending and speculation exercises abroad.
  • Permanent capital base.
  • There are no negatives.