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Review on ⚙️ Efficient Replacement Part for Ecosmart HE 90240 ECO 27 Water Heater by Jonathan Unruh

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Exactly what we needed!

One of the three heating elements in our Demand Water Heater has failed. Noticing a sharp drop in temperature, we also noticed that several faucets were clogged (i.e. almost no water came out). Apparently this is no coincidence. We determined we had a defective element (measured in the megohm range) and ordered a new one. It was last Thursday. Revane said it would be delivered the following Monday so I figured we'd have a few more days of cold showers (which I dreaded every day). The seller shipped the order asap and it arrived on Saturday. I was so thankful! You don't realize what you have until it's gone. like a hot shower. So my husband went to take out the old element (which was charred) and found that it was cracked and sand (used for insulation) was seeping into the plumbing, clogging the outlets. Just note that if you have this problem too, you'll need to remove the nozzle from each spout, drain the sand, and clean the filters. Remember to turn off the water first. Anyway, the new element works great and we're back to normal. I actually plan on ordering two more to have on hand in case the others leave too.

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