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Review on 5 Tier 6 Potted Plant Stand Rack: Bamboo Flower Pot Holder Shelf For Indoor/Outdoor Planter Display Shelving Unit In Patio Garden, Corner Balcony & Living Room by Steven Wood

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I appreciate the opportunity to leave some feedback regarding the plant stand I recently ordered through ebay.I really liked the cost. You can't really find a plant stand for less than $50 these days. Despite what I had read, I was still surprised at how small the stand was, particularly, how narrow it was once assembled. As I put plants on the stand, it occurred to me: if you have a 6" pot, you should really have a stand that is 10"x10" to account for the size of the plant, not the size of the pot. For example, my stromanthe triostar (2nd shelf in one of the pictures) had to sit on the outer edge to account for the leaves and, even then, they hit the backside of the stand. Considering that triostar is in a 6" pot tells me that nothing over a 4" potted plant should sit on that stand.Despite the reviews on ebay, I found this piece relatively easy to put together. The holes lined up appropriately and the directions were sufficient. However, the allen wrench included was very difficult to use and I ended up using my own tools because, at times, the screws were very hard to turn. However, despite some difficulty, everything went together and fit. taking me about 30 minutes (not bad). What was confusing were the extra and unnecessary holes that were piloted in the front of the smaller shelves as if there were 2 different templates used to create the pieces for the assembly of this shelf. It doesn't affect the function but definitely isn't very aesthetically pleasing. They definitely weren't put there on purpose.One of my biggest complaints about the stand was the assembly of the bottom and the overall sturdiness of the plant stand. The screws that screwed in the base screwed in from the bottom. This is a major design flaw. The screws aren't inset and, even if you can get them relatively flush, there still is metal sticking out of the bottom, ready to catch on a piece of carpet or scratch your hardwood floor. This is a very bad design choice. I was able to get the screws pretty flush but needed to add felt pads and duct tape so I wouldn't scratch the floor. Even that is a temporary solution and doesn't solve my other issue of the plant stand teetering slightly. It is a pretty unsteady piece, overall. Of course, it is better when plants are on it but, considering you can't put even medium-sized plants on it, the problem persists. What also contributes to it's unsteadiness is it's parallel and narrow structure. It SHOULD have a much wider and deeper base so that it is more bottom-heavy. Maybe this would've helped.Honestly, if I were to do this all over again, I would've purchased a bigger and better plant stand.even if it cost a few bucks more. Maybe then, I would've ended up with a piece that is more structurally sound and well-designed. I love the look of the bamboo and the cost but the bad really outweighs the good here. I do regret making this purchase and will probably order something different next time. I've attached several pictures so you can see what I'm talking about with some of the points I've made. I hope they help in refining a product that really has so much potential.

img 1 attached to 5 Tier 6 Potted Plant Stand Rack: Bamboo Flower Pot Holder Shelf For Indoor/Outdoor Planter Display Shelving Unit In Patio Garden, Corner Balcony & Living Room review by Steven Wood

  • Assembly is quick and easy
  • Limited accessibility for watering and pruning