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Review on Exhaust fan Soler & Palau SILENT-100 CZ, Silver 8 W by Micha Korkosz ᠌

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A really necessary purchase, Im glad I found this product.

You can buy a cheap one for 500. a disposable Chinese muzzle, which in a day or a month will squeal like an uncut piglet. This one is much more expensive - I took it for 2800, but here it was done with high quality and for a long time, it was tested on the previous model that was tired over the years. This new model has the same performance with 2 times reducedcomnsumption. This is the simplest model, there are even more expensive ones, but already with automatic humidity and with a timer, but I don’t need this.Conclusion, if the question of price does not bother you - definitely this option is just great! And do not forget that in the bathroom it is very important not to be electrocuted, so there are special safety requirements, and you have to pay for it! User manual: . Pdf How tocomnnect: . Ua/stati-o-ventilyacii/kak-podklyuchit-vytyazhnoy-ventilyator/

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My review now includes some photos to give you a better understanding of the product.


  • The fan is the quietest (26.5 dB). The DECOR-100 model was of the samecommpany and after 15 years it began to hum like a steam locomotive, which is why it was replaced. The new one has 2 times less power - 8 watts, but the airflow force (performance) is the same as the old one at 15 watts. equal to 95m³/h. Yes, I almost forgot - this exhaust fan has real moisture protection. Protection class: IP45, tightness class: II (What does it mean - protected from water jets! ) See the table from IP 45 - in the firstcomlumn the number 4, and in the second - 5. This class is described in detail:
  • Who cares - the indicator lamp of work is not visible in the light, it is visible in the dark. The old model had a red eye and shone brightly, here it shines from the inside through the white plastic of the panel. That is, it is not informative whether it works or not, because it is almost inaudible. The old one squealed and you knew that it was on (I have separate switches for the light and the fan, and I advise you) pipe, it doesn't matter.