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Review on BlueSnap by Regina M_va

Good payment platform BlueSnap

Recently I faced to one universal payment platform, I interested in it, so I want to share with you about some information what it is.

BlueSnap platform supports online and mobile sales, subscriptions, bill payments, and manual ordering through a virtual terminal. I liked this platform because it gives the seller freedom of action. BlueSnap helps you find an intriguing solution to expand and forecast your company. I was suprised when I saw that platform has excellent functios as intelligent payment routing, subscriptions and recurring billing and flexible integration with systems such as Magento, Google, PayPal and others, also I want to add the ability to accept payments by phone or through a virtual terminal, you can select and customize your own cheat settings, they have strong payment gateway and a lot of other grea advantages.

I also want to draw your attention to the BlueSnap control panel (the back end of the seller), all the tabs are located on the left, which makes it very easy for us to access. In these tabs, you can find reports, transactions, products, coupons, page design templates, and more. I was also pleased with it because it is trivial.

Pros & cons

  • supports online and mobile sales, subscriptions, bill payment and etc
  • gives the seller freedom of action
  • good interface
  • has excellent functios
  • control panel is convinient
  • ---