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Review on Acer XV273K Pbmiipphzx: Ultra HD 4K Gaming Monitor with DisplayHDR400, 144Hz & Built-In Speakers by Victor Bogan

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The perfect balance between gaming and performance

Prior to the XV273K, I used the XL2411, a 24" 1080P 144Hz monitor. While I use it primarily for gaming, I use it once a week for productivity when I'm working from home. It's certainly a great gaming Monitor but for me the DPI is terrible for reading text etc (I have a 24" 4K monitor at work) As a result I've been looking for a high refresh rate 4K monitor for a while. Asus and Acer have monitors that fit the bill, but they're overpriced. Also, according to reviews, people complain about the noise of the internal fan. And here's the XV273K, the "budget" version of the X27. I ordered briefly, after reading some positive reviews online.but the shipping seemed to take forever and all the Revain reviews point to a backlight issue which definitely felt awful.In the end I got mine (first) order cancelled. I trust the reviews, but at the same time I doubt the seriousness of the problem. So I ran the same test on my XL2411 - the light distortion on an all black image is also terrible (much worse than what people actually wrote) and the smartphone camera makes it worse than the human eye. But I've never noticed a problem using the XL2411. I noticed that the problem only occurs when there is little or no ambient light. I always prefer to work and play in a brightly lit room and I even have a lamp over my monitor. When I realized that this is not a problem for me, I placed a second order. This time it was sent by a third party and I received it within a week. And I've been happy with it ever since. I'm using 200% scaling on Windows 10 and it looks great. Most apps are compatible (Hi, I'm looking at you, Origin). Although the refresh rate on this monitor is a bit slower than my previous one, I haven't noticed any regression when gaming. To work, my 2017 MacBook can only run the monitor at 4K @ 60Hz (because the Intel graphics card isn't powerful enough). ) but is sufficient for productive work. The automatic input recognition works great and it only takes a few seconds when I switch from work to games. Overall I think this monitor is perfect for my use cases and I don't regret the purchase one bit. I don't think the glare issue is a practical issue for most people (I've attached photos in different lighting conditions, as well as examples of dark scenes). However, if you typically use your monitor in a dark room, you might want to think twice before buying one.

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