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Review on 4G LTE modem MikroTik LHG LTE6 kit white by Stanislaw Banasiuk ᠌

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The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

To the base station 5-7 km. There is a tall forest between us. I hung the equipment at a height of ~ 5 meters (although there is an army telescopic radio mast 20 meters - it was much worse on it, I don’t know why . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) I didn't need much fine tuning. Specified beam angle 25 degrees From the Huawei whistle on the windowsill, there were 3-10 MB, depending on the weather, time of day + glass tinted from the factory, that is, with an admixture of lead. This is bad, you know. Now the average speed is 60-80+ Mb/s download, 15 Mb/s Upload Maximum (Wednesday, 9 am) in the screenshot In April 2022, a way was found to change IMEI on this piece of iron Replaced with IMEI from mobile (received from online generator) TTL also set the desired All info on w3bsit3-dns. Com in the topic header "MikroTik Equipment" section "Useful" The quality of communication strongly depends on the weather (rain-snow - communication is worse. This is physics and high-frequency communication, there's nothing you can do about it), time of year (it's better in winter - there are no leaves on the trees), time of day and day of the week (BS load). : I repeat once again - if you yourself are not sure, then call the specialists. By the way, they will push their equipment (passive antennas), say that you have already bought a Mikrotik and it is on the road, now you are choosing a telecom operator. If there are signalmen you know, talk to them, maybe they will advise someone they know, and so on. In general, the equipment is serious and in order not to be disappointed, you need to think 100 times, weigh everything, calculate.

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I wanted to share some images to accompany my review and provide a more complete picture.


  • 1. Worked out of the box 2. Aggregation seized immediately on Band7 and Band3 (Tele 2 operator) 3. The presence of POE (no need to drag a separate power supply). Works without problems. 4. There are 4 smartphones, 4 laptops, 1 tablet, 2 TVs with IPTV in the house - no complaints
  • 1. As they write below: if you are not a network engineer and are not familiar with Router OS, do not touch anything. There will be problems - find a specialist. Knowledge of Linux / Windows will not help here - a completely different CLI syntax :)) 2. For many, the thing is expensive (I have a job - IT remote, paid off in 2 days) 3. If you yourself are not able to, call a team of specialists for testing (there is one in any city). They will come, check different operators, be sure to demand to check the presence of aggregation ! By the way, they usually also have tricky unlim SIM cards; )) 4. Diodes would blink brighter - it would be more beautiful, more fun)))