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Review on Bloomberg by Douglas Cachazo

Bloomberg: One of the best financial magazines

It is not just another financial magazine, it is a corporation dedicated to provide necessary and influential information for decision making regarding what and why to invest in. It has a presence in almost 200 countries around the world, not only financial and technological information, it also has current news that in one way or another may impact in certain economic areas when investing in certain products and their derivatives, for example as soon as I opened its website I found the current news about the situation in the state of Texas in the United States, in that sense it is not difficult to sense the urgency to invest in corn, wheat, rice and derivatives since Texas is one of the largest producers worldwide. And as if that were not enough, they are warning of the oil crisis that this could provoke, since Texas is the largest oil producing state. They are already sending signals there.

In the financial part the most important sections are, updated information on the main raw materials, in energy on gas and oil, agriculture and livestock on the products corn, wheat, cotton, cattle, cocoa among others, with regard to mining and industrial materials such as gold, copper, bronze, bronze, platinum, silver.

Complete information of all American, European and Asian stock exchanges as well as the main economic indicators. As well as its own Blooomberg indexes.

Futures markets and mutual fund packages as well as information on how to proceed with investments in both cases.

Something very good in its main page of its website is the presence of live news and interviews of interest with people closely linked to the business and financial world, finance managers and others.

As I mentioned in my introduction, it is not just another financial magazine, we are in the presence of an entire corporation that manages and distributes vital and necessary information for the financial world. There is no doubt that knowledge is power and little knowledge is dangerous.

Finally I want to emphasize that although it does not have a section on Blockchain technologies and its part in the financial world, we can find a lot of material scattered on Cryptocurrencies, key news of interest that can impact the cryptographic world.

Pros & cons

  • Prestigious financial advisory corporation.
  • Abundant information for decision making
  • Advice on risky investments such as ETFs and futures investments.
  • Financial news and live interviews.
  • With offices in more than 200 countries
  • Information for investors in Forex and stock exchanges
  • Nothing to say against