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Review on Durable Outdoor-Ready 3D Printer Filament: SUNLU'S Heat And UV Resistant ASA Filament by Pablo Rudon

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"A Good Filament! " good for me

A Good Filament, And Really Hard!.In truth this is really a Good Filament, But it takes Patience an Planning to use well!.It has Real Potential but is a poor choice for New or say 'Casual Users!'.Now I read up on reviews and put bluntly ASA from any maker "can be difficult" to use.I decided to use SUNLU both as they make a Top Grade Product, An also have the best reviews.Now I examined earlier reviews carefully and the first good tip was this does not run hot too well!.OK the hardest Problem is just getting the darn stuff to stick to the bed!.Now there are 2 good ways to go about this, One is to print your item on sticky tape, Blue Tape etc.My Favorite is to Print this on Paper Towl with the corners well taped down.See the trick is the hot plastic partially melts in to the towel and it will stick good!.I Confess that I cheat a bit at times as Ill at times lightly spray the paper towl w Aquanet.Or use a 'thin coating' of Glue Stick to help matters along a bit, Elmers is best but Avery stick will work!.HERE IS WHAT I DO:I Preheat My Printer at least 15 Minutes on Head at 258 and Bed at 108I start up at this for my 1st layer then after my layer is down I make the the rest of the run at:Hot Head 239, Bed 40, Speed 45, Fan set at 6.0 .Now I'm not gonna lie this stuff is tricky to print so you need to be careful and watch what your printer is doing and the "more so" both if your part is important or you are running on high heat!You really need to watch the temps on this as sometimes you will get a good 'Flat Part.Other times even on the same settings it will curl big time just like a banana with out warning?If you are watchful and your print starts to curl sometimes you can stop the head and working fast you can using Blue Tape straighten the print base and save your part, But sometimes not?.Temps are Mission Critical here in more ways then one, I find if you set your temp much below 238 you start getting layer separation which is a No No.The other side of the coin is that if you go much past 241-242 your print or part becomes brittle and will crumble easily even tho it 'looks solid' so be careful with this!Now if you do Print high temp and speed for Non Critical or decorative parts where strength don't matterthen you get into the horrid smell some have mentioned!That is an issue but so is buying an enclosure, Me I remembered the earlier reviewer who cut down a trash bag, But I wanted "a better' solution as I compromised period!I cut down a cardboard top from a 16" Pizza Box an bent it to fit the top frame of my Ender 3I then placed some aluminum foil on the inside edge an a doubled up plastic bag over it to hold the heat.A Low Cost solution that works and gives me a better print, And the Girlfriend likes that the APT now smells like Hot Pizza instead which helps keep the peace at home too!.LAST TIP:Sometimes If You have a Part, Or a project where say heat or curl is becoming ah an issue?Possibly printing it flat and on the bed is not a good idea etc?Try or test a small section printing the part either standing up or on end as I have had good luck printingdifficult items on end plus it can cut the print time too!Its a Good Plastic but it will Test your skill level to use!.Nuff Said:IndianaED.

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  • This filament is highly resistant to impacts and abrasion, providing added protection against damage in demanding outdoor environments
  • Prone to forming air pockets, leading to print defects