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Review on 🧵 Janlynn Cross-Stitch Needle Threader - Simplifying Thread Threading for All by Morgan Gilmore

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Janlynn Corporation For needlewomen - lifesaver: my truthful feedback

Good day, friends! )) In our daily whirlwind of life, everyone should have such an "oasis" where you can relax, put your thoughts in order and simply escape from the endless problems and everyday life. Everyone has long known that at least an hour a day you need to arrange for yourself a loved one, whether it be self-care, reading, walking, sleeping, listening to music, yoga, meditation, sports, your favorite hobby, in a word, everything that you like, here everyone chooses for himself. In the last two years, embroidery has become such an "oasis" for me. Cross after cross, and the needle draws various favorite and heart-joying stories. But about the embroidery itself, perhaps I will share with you later, now I want to talk about my assistant. Moreover, looking back, I considered this thing to be completely useless, and I certainly thought that the price for it was unreasonably high. Now, Tadaaam! ;)) Please love and favor, Pako needle threader: By the way, who is engaged in any other type of needlework, in addition to embroidery, associated with threading (threads) through the eye of a needle, my review may also be interesting, do not rush to leave the page;) I met the Pako needle threader through YouTube needlework. I met this unit many times in handicraft purchases, and everyone thought that I really didn’t need it, I can already insert a thread into the eye of a needle, as long as my eyesight allows. But... As you can see, this thing now lives with me too ;) And it all started with the fact that my very time, with the advent of my second child, increasingly began to fall almost at night, after all the family members were already sniffing sweetly in beds. And the desire to raise was very strong, but my eyes were already tired during the day, the lighting was also appropriate for the time of day :P When patience began to run out, I nevertheless decided to purchase a needle threader from Pako, the embroidery process really began to bring joy and relaxation. The device is quite uncomplicated, as it might seem at first glance: Everything here is quite simple and easy, the main thing is to get used to it. The device is made of plastic, quite high quality, although it looks not small, but light in weight, it is convenient to hold in your hand. The instruction is printed on the back of the cardboard tab, in which, in fact, the needle threader is packed (inserted). Unfortunately, there is no Russian translation of the instructions. But from the illustrations, the mechanism of the Pako needle threader becomes clear. - insert the needle into the needle threader in a special hole for it, until it stops - then we stretch the thread under the "legs" of the device, determine the distance of the thread to the wall of the needle threader for yourself by experience, because if the thread is pulled close, it simply will not be caught by the hook. - we press the needle threader, the thread is fed to the eye of the needle and is captured by the hook: thus pulled through the "eye" of the needle. It remains only to pull out the needle with the inserted thread in the "right and up" movement. And everything is ready)) In fact, everything is very simple, it just looks confused from the outside, you just have to try it yourself and everything will work out. And when it works out, you don’t want to aim the thread at the needle "eye” yourself;) The needle threader helps a lot when you need to drag the thread into several additions or several threads, it becomes difficult to do it with your hands the first time. By the way, I used to know that needles come in different sizes and come with numbers, but I didn’t really understand them, now I have a cheat sheet: For the price, the needle threader from Pako is expensive, and this is putting it mildly: in various Moscow online stores, its cost ranges from 650 to 850 rubles.

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  • Saves when you need to thread a few threads into a needle; saves eyesight; a quality item.
  • The price is impressive :P