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Review on πŸš—βœ¨ The Ultimate Car Polish: Nu-Finish NF-76 Liquid Car Polish Delivers Unbeatable Shine by Kimoni Arenas

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I would buy it again and many times.

I've been using Nu Finish for a few years now and used it in my job at a car wash in the 90's. Works best with light colored cars, especially white ones. It seems to last at least a year and more if you store your car in a garage. Insects, bird droppings and tree sap simply won't stick to this material. Tree sap is worst, but will be removed by vigorous washing with a microfiber mitt. I highly recommend this for white cars, it can be difficult to get off when the humidity is high but comes off easily when the humidity is low. I do all my headlights and windows with them and they seem to last longer and with headlights on they don't seem to yellow.

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