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Review on Fiskars 91095935J ๐ŸŒฟ Classic Bypass Pruner, Black by Shantel Griffin

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Ideal for cutting young shoots and garden greens

I will continue to share my impressions of garden tools manufactured by Fiskars, which I use with pleasure. This time I will tell you about the Fiskars flat pruner (art. 111260). The Fiskars 111260 secateurs belongs to the budget line of Fiskars products - Single Step โ„ข. As the name implies, the pruner type is planar. Unlike contact pruners (on the review there are, for example, reviews of this type of pruner - Fiskars Single Step (art. 111250)), designed for cutting dry branches, flat pruners are designed for cutting "live" branches (if you want - more about the difference between flat and contact pruners you can read in my review of the Fiskars L74 flat pruner (art. 112290)). The length of the Fiskars 111260 pruner is 208 mm. Its handles are made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide. This material is quite light, but durable and resistant to impacts. The weight of the Fiskars 111260 secateurs is about 200 grams. The ergonomics of the handles are at a height - the pruner fits comfortably both in the right and in the left hand. During use, the handles do not slip in the hand, thanks to the rough surface of the handles and the humps-stops on the handles. One of the handles has a hole that can be used both for hanging the secateurs on a "nail" when storing, and for attaching a strap to hang the secateurs on the wrist when working. In the reduced position, the pruner blades are fixed with a latch that is easily shifted by the fingers of the hand that you hold the pruner. The blades are retracted by a twisted spring. The spring is of very high quality - in two years of use it has not sagged at all, and there is not a single defect on its coating. The axis connecting the blades also has a very resistant coating. The lower blade of the secateurs is made of stainless steel. The upper blade is made of carbon steel and has an anti-friction (Teflon) coating, due to which the effort on the handles is slightly reduced when cutting. The Fiskars 111260 pruner cuts wood very well. The cut is even, without burrs. The maximum diameter of the branch, which is included in the "mouth" of the secateurs - 22 mm. If you cut soft wood, then the force on the handles is acceptable with a diameter of up to about 15 mm, a larger diameter can be cut, but already squeezing the handles with both hands. If the wood is hardwood, then a comfortable effort on the handles is maintained only when cutting branches with a diameter of up to about 8 mm. The Fiskars 111260 pruner cuts grass and flowers with herbaceous stems without problems and leaves an even cut. The Fiskars 111260 secateurs also cope with dry branches, but this is not his element. They worked quite a lot with this pruner, but they didnโ€™t overload it too much - there is a delimber for large branches. How many times he was forgotten on the street in the rain - do not count. The performance and appearance are still on top, sharpening was never required. For two years of using the Fiskars 111260 pruner, there were no complaints at all. Well, except for the fact that it was not possible to make it work instead of a chainsaw :-) I got this pruner as a bonus when buying a delimber (set art. 112005). But this pruner can be bought separately. In 2014, it cost about 300 rubles, now (in 2016) it can be bought for 650 - 750 rubles. Based on my experience, I can safely recommend the Fiskars 111260 flat pruner if you need a tool for trimming small "living" branches, as well as for cutting flowers. If you want something more advanced, then you can take a closer look at the Fiskars flat pruner (art. 111610) from the SmartFit โ„ข line - there is an adjustment for the size of the "yawnโ€, and additionally there is an overlay on the handle that further reduces slipping in the hand. If there is a need to cut branches of hardwood trees, then you can take a closer look at the Fiskars flat pruner (art. 111520) from the PowerGear โ„ข line - its kinematics minimize the effort on the handles, and also allows you to apply force with all fingers.

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