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Review on ASUS VA325H 31 5 Inch LED Lit Monitor 1920X1080P, 60Hz, Blue Light Filter, IPS by Steve Morikawa

If you are disabled or visually impaired, do not purchase this monitor

05/12/2020 - I had to lower my chair all the way and put the monitor on the edge of the table, lean forward in the chair and stretch my neck as much as possible and still couldn't see where to plug in the cords. They are mounted under a small protrusion on the back of the monitor. When I figured out where the HDMI cable went, I couldn't see which way the connector went. After figuring that out, it still wasn't easy to plug it in under that little protrusion on the back. You would think the cables would connect directly to the monitor, but NO, there is a small ridge on the back and the cables are attached UNDER YOU, VERTICALLY from below! Three days after plugging it in, I repaired my chair and it doesn't work. never sink that low again. If this thing ever goes off, I'll have to sit on the floor to turn it back on. I am physically disabled. I'm not sure if I can get up if I fall to the ground. If you are physically challenged and have no assistance or poor vision, you will never plug it in. I think you could lay it horizontally, place the screen face down, and then try to connect the cables - and damage the monitor! Once connected, the size is good, the picture is perfect, but there are no buttons on the front of the monitor either. In the picture there are small icons on the front of the monitor - these are not buttons. The buttons are on the back. You have to download the manual to see what they do. And the manual says "press up or down". Well, there are no "up" or "down" buttons. You have to guess which key moves the cursor over the screen display and how to enter and exit the menu. I chose to leave my monitor on the default settings simply because the buttons are too complicated to use. use. I'd love to take a look at the blue light filter, but I'm afraid I'll never figure out how to turn it off once I turn it on. The monitor functions are useless to me as the buttons are too hard to use.

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Pros & cons

  • I like the monitor, but it only turns off for a few seconds

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